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Basketball Boys Varsity Coach Doug Alves 14-15
Doug Alves
Head Coach
Basketball Boys JV Coach 14-15
Grant Harrison
JV Coach
Joe Arruda Boys Freshmen Basketball Coach
Joe Arruda
Freshmen Coach

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Basketball Boys Capt Isiah Bell 14-15
Basketball Boys Capt Nick Demos 14-15

Basketball Boys Varsity team 14-15
2014 Varsity Basketball Team 2015

Basketball Boys JV Team 14-15
2014 JV Basketball Team 2015

Basketball Boys Freshmen Team 14-15
2014 Freshman Basketball Team 2015

Varsity 8 - 7
0 - 2
B-R 68 - Brockton 85
B-R 52 - Norwell 47
B-R 69 - Silver Lake 74
B-R 53 - Falmouth 48
B-R 60 - Dartmouth 72
B-R 79 - Barnstable 85
B-R 73 - Snowden 53
B-R 70 - Braintree 73
B-R 68 - Durfee 75
B-R 75 - Moses Brown 60
B-R 88 - Silver Lake 78
B-R  64 - Falmouth 58
B-R 66 - Durfee 59
B-R 60 - Barnstable 74
B-R 58 - Norwell 51

JV 10 - 5
B-R 50 - Brockton 56
B-R 44 - Norwell 27
B-R 58 - Brockton 69
B-R 39 - Dartmouth 62
B-R 49 - Barnstable 42
B-R 58 - Brockton 49
B-R 63 - Snowden 31
B-R 40 - Braintree 46
B-R 72 - Durfee 62
B-R 61 - Moses Brown 43
B-R 48 - Silver Lake 55
B-R 65 - Falmouth 45
B-R 61 - Dartmouth 54
B-R 61 - Durfee 55
B-R 65 - Norwell 45

Freshmen 1 - 1 0 - 1
B-R 56 - Brockton 63
B-R 50 - Norwell 37

Game Notes 2014 - 2015 Season
2/11 Varsity vs Norwell:
In a very balanced scoring offense, Terell Williams, Marcus Santos-Silva, Cade McNaughton, and Doug Alves all had 10 points. Nick Demos (8), Andrew Rubenskas (4), Mike Manning & Alex Batista (3) also contributed key baskets in a winning effort. With the win B-R improves to 8-9 on the season. With 3 games remaining the Trojans look to win at least 2/3 in order to qualify for the State Tournament. JV:
BR Jv boys last game of the season was dominated by BR from the jump ball. Dillon Walton lead all scorers with 21. The BR Jv team had a slow start to the season due to learning a new offense and a new defense. As our record showed that as we started with 1 win and 4 losses. Throughout the remainder of the season you could see the confidence and growth of each individual player inside of our team concept. With that came a 9 win and 1 loss run to end the season with a solid record of 10-5. I would like to thank all players for their hard work and dedication.
2/10 Varsity vs Barnstable:
The Trojans fell to 7-9 with a 74-60 loss at Barnstable. Nick Demos was the high scorer for the game with 19 points, Mike Manning had 17, each connecting on 4 3-pointers.
2/7 Varsity vs Durfee:
Nick Demos led B-R with 17 points, Cade McNaughton 15, and Terell Williams 14 followed. Marcus Santos-Silva had 7, Andrew Rubenskas and Isiah Bell each had 4. JV:
On back to back nights the JV squad played another solid game. Behind a good trapping man to man defense BR pulled away to secure the win. John Tesson and Connor Kimball lead the way with 14 pts a piece, followed by Dillon Walton's 10 pts. Phil Noonan finished with 7 Blocks.
2/6 Varsity vs Dartmouth: JV:
this was a well played game by both teams. A hard fought victory by the BR jv team as they even the score with Dartmouth on the season. Dillon Walton finished the game as the leading scorer 16pts and 13reb, Connor Kimball and Bob long finished with 10 pts a piece.
2/4 Varsity vs Falmouth:
B-R won a tough game on the road to climb to 6-7 on the season and extend the current winning streak to 3 straight games. Terell Williams was the high scorer for B-R with 20, Mike Manning had 12 on 4 3-pointers. JV:
BR jumped out to a early lead and never looked back. A solid team effort by the Jv team as everyone saw significant playing time. Bob Long lead all scorers with 16pts, followed by Dillon Walton with 11 pts.
1/31 Varsity vs Silver Lake:
B-R won their second straight game for the first time this season to climb to 5-7. Terell Williams had a monster game with 37 points and 18 rebounds. Nick Demos and Mike Manning each had 10. Andrew Rubenskas had 8 and Doug Alves had 7.JV:This was a hard fought game but in the end Silver Lake hung on for the win. Connor Kimball lead BR with 12 points. Dillon Walton finished 10 Points
130 Varsity vs Moses Brown School:
Terell Williams led all scorers with 18 and Nick Demos followed close behind with 17 points. Griffin Perry had 7, Andrew Rubenskas 6, and Doug Alves 5. JV:
BR boys JV jumped out to a large lead and coasted to a nice win. Dillon Walton lead all scorers with 14 points. James Teehan finished with 9 points.
1/24 Varsity vs Durfee:
Terell Williams had a game high 24 points. Marcus Santos-Silva had 15, Nick Demos 10, Mike Manning and Alex Batista each had 6. JV:
After a slow start by B-R. The half court press ignited a run of steals and fast break points that would decide the outcome of the game. Bob Long lead all scorers with 21 points, followed by Connor Kimball with 14 points, and John Tesson and Dillon Walton with 12 points a piece.
1/19 Varsity vs Braintree:
B-R dropped a very close game on the road. Marcus Santos-Silva led all scorers with 23 points and 12 rebounds. Nick Demos had 14. Doug Alves, Terell Williams, and Mike Manning each had 8. JV:
Well played game by both teams but Braintree made some key stops at the end of the game to seal the win. Darius Hypolite lead all B-R scorers with 14 points, and John Tesson finished with 9 points.
1/18 Varsity vs Snowden:
Terell Williams led all scorers with 24 points. Marcus Santos-Silva had 13. Andrew Rubenskas, Mike Manning, and Doug Alves had 8, 7, and 6 points respectively. JV:
offensively had another solid game sharing the ball. We played a great trapping half court defense that lead to many fast break points. Matt Demos lead B-R in scoring with 12, Connor Kimball and Darius Hypolite had 11 points, and Bob Long had 10.
1/16 Varsity vs Brockton: JV:
best team effort of the season. Great ball movement on offence and good team defense. Connor Kimball lead all scorers with 13, and Matt Demos had 10 points.
1/13 Varsity vs Barnstable:
Leading Scorers for B-R were Marcus Santos-Silva (23), Terell Williams (23), and Doug Alves (12) in a 79 - 85 loss. Joshua Baptiste led all scorers (30).JV:
After a slow start, the tempo and intensity was picked up in the second half resulting in a nice win by the JV Trojans. Bob Long lead the way in scoring with 18 points, Dillon Walton had 10 points, and Connor Kimball finished with 9 points.
1/9 Varsity vs Dartmouth:
Terell Williams (19), Nick Demos (13), Doug Alves (10), Marcus Santos-Silva (9), Andrew Rubenskas (5), and Alex Batista (4) scored for B-R.
With the loss (60 -72) B-R fell to 2-3. Our next game is at home on Tuesday January 13th versus Barnstable. JV: The Trojan JV team could not match the intensity and had trouble breaking the press of Dartmouth. Dartmouth won this game handily. Bob Long had a solid game for the JV Trojans with 14 points and 11 Rebounds.
12/30 JV vs Brockton:
Bridgewater-Raynham played tough and hung around for most of the game. In the end Brockton pulled away with some timely steals and 3 point shooting. Bob Long played a solid game for B-R finishing with 12 Points and 11 Rebounds. John Tesson also had 12 points.
12/29 Varsity vs Falmouth:
B-R improved to 2-2 with the win. Terell Williams led all scores with 13 points. Nick Demos had 11, Doug Alves had 9, and Mike Manning and Connor Kimball each had 6.
12/27 Varsity vs Silver Lake:
Anthony Videtto of Silver Lake led all scorers with 31 points. Terell Williams (26), Nick Demos (12), Doug Alves (10) were the leading scorers for B-R
12/17 Varsity vs Snowden:
Terell Williams led all scorers with 24 points. Marcus Santos-Silva had 13. Andrew Rubenskas, Mike Manning, and Doug Alves had 8, 7, and 6 points respectively.
12/16 Varsity vs Norwell:
Stephen Kulka of Norwell led all scorers with 22. Terell Williams led B-R with 13 points. Nick Demos (10), Marcus Santos-Silva (8), Alex Batista (7), Doug Alves (5), Matt Demos (3), Andrew Rubenskas (2), Griffin Perry (2), and Mike Manning (2) all scored for B-R. JV: After a slow start by B-R. The group of Jarad Howard, James Teehan, Jared Murphy, John Tesson, and Phil Noonan picked up full court man and ignited a 14 to 2 run for B-R and closed out the game. Carter Peterson lead all scorers with 11 followed by Dillon Walton with 10. A very good defensive game played by B-R. Freshmen: The freshman boys basketball team broke into the win column with a victory over Norwell. The Trojans struggled against the pesky Clippers who kept the game closer than expected. Numerous turnovers and missed shots once again plagued the Trojans offense. Fortunately the points off of the press proved to be the difference. Big three pointers by Sam Brown and Rob Wallace ( 9 points ) aided the cause. Dom Bell led all scorers with 13 along with Corey Sullivan's 10.
12/13 Varsity vs Brockton:
The Trojans suffered a tough loss in the season opener at home to the long, athletic Boxers 68-85. B-R fought back from down as much as 24 to close the gap to only 8 points midway through the 4th quarter, but key 3-point shots by Brockton kept the lead from shrinking any lower. Terell Williams led all scorers with 24 points, and Freshman Alex Batista added 16. Senior Nick Demos made some big plays during the 4th quarter rally. Sophmore Griffin Perry and Junior Cam Whitman played well for the Trojans off the bench. JV: Saturdays game verse Brockton was a well played game by the JV Boys basketball team. It was a 2 point game throughout three and a half quarters. Some costly turnovers towards the end of the Fourth quarter was the deciding factor in this game. Carter Peterson played a strong game as the floor general. Dillon Walton lead all scorers with 21 points, followed by James Teehan with 10 points. John Tesson had a strong game rebounding. Freshmen: The freshman boys basket ball team opened the 2014-2015 campaign with tough luck loss to Brockton. After trailing as much as 17 in the second quarter, the Trojans made a run to cut the lead down to 12 at the half. Going into the 4th quarter trailing by 8, the Trojans made a run to cut it to 1 with just few minutes to go. Unfortunately the team came up short with the numerous opportunities to take the lead. Robbie Wallace led all scorers with 17 points. Anthony Fernandes scored 12 and Dominic Bell scored 8. Christian Casey (5 points) Corey Sullivan (4 points) Mike Wilder (4 points) rounded out the scoring.

Terell Williams led all scorers with 18 and Nick Demos followed close behind with 17 points. Griffin Perry had 7, Andrew Rubenskas 6, and Doug Alves 5.